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Being a custom software development company since 2000, we focus on trading platforms development. Our team have successfully realized a number of trading software solutions both for enterprises and individuals. We apply the latest technologies and use our best practices in search for a dynamic, flexible and reliable trading solution. The company offers a full spectrum of trading software solutions for various business areas: from trading platforms integration, maintenance and support to trading platforms migration.

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We have developed a lot of top-quality apps for customers across the financial industry. Our valuable many-year expertise let us create state-of-the-art enterprise software solutions for large-scale trading businesses. The software developed by our dedicated team of professionals provides end-users with many benefits: ease of use, high ROI, numerous features and high efficiency. Contact us to get more detailed information on our trading software solutions.

Our expertise

  • Full-cycle trading platform development
  • Third-party maintenance and support
  • Software support for plugging-in
  • Analysis tools
  • Management support
  • Statistics apps
  • Trading software framework
  • Risk management software
  • Mobile applications for trading, etc.

Our Trading Software Solutions

  • Trading App for Android and BlackBerry
  • Online Trading Platform
  • Execution Management System
  • iPad Internet Kiosk Trading App, others

You can familiarize yourself with our realized trading projects by making a request for a portfolio. Our specialists will respond you in no time, providing all necessary information.

Why Us?

  • Focus on a sphere of client's business
  • Comprehensive trading solutions
  • Experienced and highly professional development team
  • Favorable costs for services provided
  • Continuous IT support and consulting
  • Dedicated QA lab
  • About Trading Platforms

    Trading platform - a computer program that is used to place orders for financial products (stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and derivatives over a network with financial intermediaries (brokers, dealers, market makers, etc.). Such platforms give a possibility for electronic trading to be realized from any location (as opposed to traditional floor trading). Presently trading platforms are widely used due to its following benefits:

    • Considerable saving of working hours
    • Costs saving on purchase arrangements
    • Transparency and openness of acquisition process
    • Participation in a tendering is available from any location
    • Availability for any business representative — costs and terms of lot are unlimited